att.mordent.log Logical domain attributes.
Module MEI.cmnOrnaments
Members mordent
form Traditionally, the 'normal' mordent is written as a short wavy line with a vertical line through it and the inverted mordent is written without the vertical line. However, the meaning of these signs is sometimes reversed. See Read, p. 245-246. Another attribute in the visual domain would be necessary in order to be completely explicit about which visual symbol is actually to be rendered.
Status Optional
Legal values are:
inverted mordent, e.g., performed as the principal note, followed by its upper neighbor, with a return to the principal note.
"normal" mordent, e.g., performed as the written note, followed by its lower neighbor, with a return to the written note.
long When the long attribute is set to 'yes', a double or long mordent, consisting of 5 notes, is indicated.
Status Optional
Datatype data.BOOLEAN

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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