att.meterSig.log Logical domain attributes.
Module MEI.shared
Members meter meterSig
count captures the number of beats in a measure, that is, the top number of the meter signature. It must contain a decimal number or an additive expression that evaluates to a decimal number, such as 2+3.
Status Optional
Datatype string { pattern = "\d+(\.\d+)?(\s*\+\s*\d+(\.\d+)?)*" }
sym indicates the use of a meter symbol instead of a numeric meter signature, that is, 'C' for common time or 'C' with a slash for cut time.
Status Optional
Datatype data.METERSIGN
unit contains the number indicating the beat unit, that is, the bottom number of the meter signature.
Status Optional
Datatype xsd:decimal

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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