att.duration.performed Attributes that record performed duration that differs from a feature's written duration.
Module MEI.shared
Members att.annot.ges [annot] att.beamSpan.ges [beamSpan] att.chord.ges [chord] att.dir.ges [dir] att.dynam.ges [dynam] att.fermata.ges [fermata] att.gliss.ges [gliss] att.hairpin.ges [hairpin] att.harm.ges [harm] att.harpPedal.ges [harpPedal] att.mRest.ges [mRest] att.mSpace.ges [mSpace] att.multiRest.ges [multiRest] att.note.ges [note] att.octave.ges [octave] att.phrase.ges [phrase] [rest] att.slur.ges [slur] [space] att.trill.ges [trill] att.tuplet.ges [att.tupletSpan.ges [tupletSpan] tuplet]
dur.ges records performed duration information that differs from the written duration. Its value may be expressed in several forms; that is, ppq (MIDI clicks and MusicXML 'divisions'), Humdrum **recip values, beats, seconds, or mensural duration values.
Status Optional
Datatype data.DURATION.gestural

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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