att.duration.additive Attributes that permit total duration to be represented by multiple values.
Module MEI.shared
Members att.annot.log [annot] att.beamSpan.log [beamSpan] att.bend.log [bend] att.breath.log [breath] att.dir.log [dir] att.dynam.log [dynam] att.gliss.log [gliss] att.hairpin.log [hairpin] att.harm.log [harm] att.octave.log [octave] att.phrase.log [phrase] att.slur.log [slur] att.trill.log [trill] att.tuplet.log [tuplet] att.tupletSpan.log [tupletSpan]
dur records duration using optionally dotted, relative durational values provided by the data.DURATION datatype. When the duration is "irrational", as is sometimes the case with tuplets, multiple space-separated values that add up to the total duration may be used. When dotted values are present, the dots attribute must be ignored.
Status Optional
Datatype data.DURATION.additive

<sch:rule context="mei:*[contains(@dur, '.')]">

<sch:assert test="not(@dots)">An element with a dur attribute that contains dotted
values must not have a dots attribute.</sch:assert>

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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