att.beaming.vis Used by layerDef, staffDef, and scoreDef to provide default values for attributes in the visual domain related to beaming.
Module MEI.shared
Members att.layerDef.vis [layerDef] att.scoreDef.vis.cmn [att.scoreDef.vis [scoreDef] ] att.staffDef.vis.cmn [att.staffDef.vis [staffDef] ]
beam.color Color of beams, including those associated with tuplets.
Status Optional
Datatype data.COLOR
beam.rend encodes whether a beam is "feathered" and in which direction.
Status Optional
Legal values are:
beams lines grow farther apart from left to right.
beam lines grow closer together from left to right.
beam lines are equally-spaced over the entire length of the beam.
beam.slope captures beam slope.
Status Optional
Datatype xsd:decimal

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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