att.beaming.log Used by layerDef, staffDef, and scoreDef to provide default values for attributes in the logical domain related to beaming.
Module MEI.cmn
Members att.layerDef.log.cmn [att.layerDef.log [layerDef] ] att.scoreDef.log.cmn [att.scoreDef.log [scoreDef] ] att.staffDef.log.cmn [att.staffDef.log [staffDef] ]
Attributes provides an example of how automated beaming (including secondary beams) is to be performed.
Status Optional
beam.rests indicates whether automatically-drawn beams should include rests shorter than a quarter note duration.
Status Optional
Datatype data.BOOLEAN

The attribute can be used to set a default beaming pattern to be used when no beaming is indicated at the event level. must contain a comma-separated list of time values that add up to a measure, e.g., in 4/4 time '4,4,4,4' indicates each quarter note worth of shorter notes would be beamed together. Parentheses can be used to indicate sub-groupings of secondary beams. For example, '(4.,4.,4.)' in 9/8 meter indicates one outer beam per measure with secondary beams broken at each dotted quarter duration, while a measure of 16th notes in 4/4 with equal to '(4,4),(4,4)' will result in a primary beam covering all the notes and secondary beams for each group of 4 notes. This beaming "directive" can be overridden by using beam elements. If neither beam elements or the attribute is used, then no beaming is rendered. Beaming can be explicitly 'turned off' by setting to an empty string.

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

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