att.alignment Temporal alignment attributes.
Module MEI.linkalign
Members att.common.anl [att.accid.anl [accid] att.annot.anl [annot] att.arpeg.anl [arpeg] att.artic.anl [artic] att.bTrem.anl [bTrem] att.barLine.anl [barLine] att.beam.anl [beam] att.beamSpan.anl [beamSpan] att.beatRpt.anl [beatRpt] att.bend.anl [bend] att.breath.anl [breath] att.chord.anl [chord] att.clef.anl [clef] att.clefGrp.anl [clefGrp] att.custos.anl [custos] att.dir.anl [dir] [dot] att.dynam.anl [dynam] att.ending.anl [ending] att.fTrem.anl [fTrem] att.fermata.anl [fermata] att.gliss.anl [gliss] att.grpSym.anl [grpSym] att.hairpin.anl [hairpin] att.halfmRpt.anl [halfmRpt] att.harm.anl [harm] att.harpPedal.anl [harpPedal] att.ineume.anl [ineume] att.keyAccid.anl [keyAccid] att.keySig.anl [keySig] att.layer.anl [layer] att.ligature.anl [ligature] att.lyrics.anl [lyrics] att.mRest.anl [mRest] att.mRpt.anl [mRpt] att.mRpt2.anl [mRpt2] att.mSpace.anl [mSpace] att.measure.anl [measure] att.mensur.anl [mensur] att.meterSig.anl [meterSig] att.meterSigGrp.anl [meterSigGrp] att.midi.anl [midi] att.mordent.anl [mordent] att.multiRest.anl [multiRest] att.multiRpt.anl [multiRpt] att.note.anl [note] att.octave.anl [octave] att.ossia.anl [ossia] att.part.anl [part] [parts] att.pb.anl [pb] att.pedal.anl [pedal] att.phrase.anl [phrase] att.proport.anl [proport] att.rdg.anl [lem rdg] att.reh.anl [reh] [rest] [sb] att.score.anl [score] att.section.anl [section] att.slur.anl [slur] [space] att.staff.anl [staff] att.syl.anl [syl] att.tempo.anl [tempo] att.tie.anl [tie] att.trill.anl [trill] att.tuplet.anl [att.tupletSpan.anl [tupletSpan] tuplet] att.turn.anl [turn] att.uneume.anl [uneume] att.verse.anl [verse] anchoredText cc chan chanPr cue curve f fb hex line marker metaText noteOff noteOn port prog seqNum symbol trkName vel]
when indicates the point of occurrence of this feature along a time line. Its value must be the ID of a <when> element elsewhere in the document.
Status Optional
Datatype data.URI

MEI Guidelines Version 2.1.1

Attribute Classes